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This is how it works with a plant-based diet!

Who doesn't dream of turning back the hand of their biological clock or at least making it tick a little slower? In Germany, many people spend a small fortune on Botox or similar beauty treatments to look younger. But what if there was a more natural and, above all, cheaper method to achieve the same goal? The answer could lie in a plant-based diet.


Vegan diet

It's no secret that our diet has a huge impact on our appearance and our health. A vegan diet, rich in protein-rich foods and essential nutrients, can do wonders. According to a fascinating Netflix documentary, "You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment," a plant-based diet can even turn back our biological clock.

The study showed that vegans can be biologically younger than their omnivorous twins due to longer telomeres and positive changes in the epigenome. A telomere is the end piece of a chromosome that protects DNA from damage and plays a role in the aging process .

These results are a strong argument that a protein-rich diet based on plants is not only healthier for building muscle, but also has a positive influence on maintaining our youthfulness.


inspiring vegan celebrities

The vegan trend has long been common practice in Hollywood. For several years now, even the catering at the Oscars has been purely plant-based.

Here are some inspiring celebrities who eat a purely vegan diet and have kept themselves amazingly well.

1. natalie portman (42)

This timelessly beautiful actress and mother exudes a youthful freshness that many admire. Natalie made the transition to a vegan diet years ago and emphasizes how this choice has positively impacted not only her beauty but also her well-being and health. Her commitment to animals and the environment shows that true beauty is a reflection of our inner values.

2. Jared Leto (52)

Jared, who calls himself a "cheagan" or cheating vegan, is living proof that flexibility and awareness can go hand in hand. Despite occasional deviations, he stays true to his plant-based diet, which gives him not only a youthful appearance but also impressive vitality. At over 50, Jared looks at least a decade younger, a living example that age is just a number.

3. Gong Li (58)

The famous Chinese actress is a shining example of how beauty and youthfulness know no boundaries. In a culture where veganism is not commonplace, Gong Li is proud of her plant-based diet. Her flawless appearance and vitality at an age when many are already succumbing to the signs of aging are an inspiration to people around the world.

4. Erykah Badu (52)

Music and fashion icon, has been vegan since the 90s and owes her radiant beauty and timeless curves to this lifestyle. Her youthful appearance proves the benefits of a plant-based diet. Erykah's commitment to veganism inspires many, showing that health and beauty go hand in hand.

5. Tobey Maguire (48)

Known for his role as Spider-Man, Tobey proves that a hero doesn't just exist on the silver screen. His decision to live a vegan lifestyle reflects his commitment to health, animals and the planet. Tobey's glowing skin and youthful appearance at an age when many struggle with the challenges of aging are a testament to the power of plant-based foods.

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Your affordable alternative to Botox

Why invest in expensive and painful Botox treatments when it can be easier? KRAFTFUTTER from IT'S FOODISM offers an optimal, healthy and delicious way to combat the signs of aging with its protein-rich, vegan organic ready meals. Our dishes are not only a source of high-quality protein, but also free from chemical additives and some are gluten and soy-free. With KRAFTFUTTER you invest in your health, support muscle building and at the same time enjoy delicious, healthy food that keeps you young - and all at a fraction of the cost of Botox.

So opt for a protein-rich diet with KRAFTFUTTER and enjoy the benefits of a youthful appearance without having to dig deep into your pockets. Because true beauty comes from within - and your body will thank you for switching to a plant-based diet!

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