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  • How does shipping work?
    DELIVERY TIMES Our delicious meals are delivered throughout Germany via DPD Express. Next day delivery from Sunday to Thursday at 11am. You will receive your package 24-36 hours later. From Thursday at 11am up to and including Saturday, delivery will take place on Tuesday at the earliest. DELIVERY COSTS Only 6.99 euros. DELIVERY INFORMATION If you order 16 meals or more, you will receive two packages, so don’t be surprised. The packages come frozen. Please be careful when opening them, as there may still be dry ice inside. This is specially packed in paper sleeves to avoid any contact with both the goods and your skin. As soon as you receive the package, quickly store the goods in your freezer. You will also find insulation material in the package, which you can dispose of in the waste paper or reuse when the opportunity arises.
  • Where is my package?
    As soon as your package is on its way, you will receive an email from us with the shipment number and the tracking link. You can also track your package together with your shipment numberHERE . Did something go wrong with the shipping? Then please contact us via email at: and we will take care of it.
  • Can you also be found in the supermarket?
    Yeeeeeeesss, we are already in 5 supermarkets in Germany. You can also help at your favorite supermarket. Simply print out the supermarket wish list and hand it in at your store with a friendly smile. Where we already are: 📍Hanover 🛒 REWE JODLOWIEC Marktplatz 7 (in the CCL), 30853 Langenhagen 📍Berlin 🛒 EDEKA CENTER UNTERGEHRER Schnellerstrasse 131, 12439 Berlin 🛒 EDEKA SAPPHIRE Chausseestrasse 43, 10115 Berlin 🛒 EDEKA CENTER BREHM Clayallee 328-334, 14169 Berlin 🛒 EDEKA GÖRNER Wendenschloßstrasse 324, 12557 Berlin You can also help at your favorite supermarket. Simply print out the supermarket wish list and hand it in at the store with a friendly smile.
  • Current offers
    THE FOODISM QUANTITY DISCOUNT We love volume discounts. Those who buy a lot should also get their discounts. That's why we introduced volume discounts. From 8 pieces our meals cost only €8.74 instead of €8.99. From 10 pieces only 8,49 €. From 12 pieces only 8,24 €. From 15 pieces only 7,99 €. TRIAL BOX FOR NEW CUSTOMERS You can currently get our trial box at the unbeatable price of only €39.99 instead of €53.94. We want you to have the chance to try out why our dishes are so good and to taste what they cost. That's why we've reduced the price to make it easier for you to try an unknown product without having to pay the full price. It includes six meals of all three varieties, i.e. two of each variety. The dishes cost the equivalent of just €6.66 instead of €8.99.
  • Why do I have to order at least 6 meals or a sample box?
    Anything else would be neither ecologically nor economically sustainable. Our minimum order value allows us to reduce our ecological footprint and guarantee a fair price.
  • Why do you only have three meals to choose from?
    Because we want to take it slow. But believe us, we would love to offer you hundreds more meals and other nice things. But the squirrel feeds slowly. If you support us with your feedback and your purchases and tell everyone about us, we will bring many more great products onto the market together. Indian word of honor.
  • How big are your portions?
    Our portions are EXTRA LARGE (600g). We contain 50% more than the standard ready meals (400g) that you can snort through your left nostril. The dimensions of our package are 20 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm. If you have space problems in your freezer, you can simply order for friends and share the delivery. Tip from our customers: It is also possible to put the ready meals into well-sealable freezer bags without any problems. This way you can pack the freezer more space-efficiently. ;-)
  • How do I prepare the meals?
    Our meals are super easy to prepare and ready in just a few minutes: 1. Pour 5-6 tablespoons (approx. 60ml) of WATER casually into a sufficiently large coated PAN . 2. OPEN the PACKAGE using the zipper . The contents should end up in the pan. You can do it. 3. Bring to the boil with the LID CLOSED and over high heat. 4. Allow to COOK until the dish is WELL HEATED THROUGH , STIRRING IF NECESSARY . 5. BOOM-DONE! You can season your meal as you like. (!) If the meals are too watery or too dry, then either let the meal simmer a little longer or add some water.
  • Where do you have your products produced?
    We work with a great organic manufacturer in northern Germany. They only produce ORGANIC and VEGAN products, which is the most important thing for us. But the employees there are even better. Full of good humor and motivated right down to the tips of their toes, your meals are handmade there every day. This is where the heart of IT'S FOODISM and KRAFTFUTTER beats.
  • Why organic, that’s more expensive?
    We are convinced that we don't want to offer you cheap crap. Because if you have to eat so much for your muscles, then at least it should be of the highest quality and without a guilty conscience. Conventional vegetables are contaminated with many pesticides. Our CONCENTRATE FOOD consists of the best ORGANIC ingredients, because only a healthy body and mind can manage the extra repetition that counts.
  • No meat, you animal! - Why plant-based protein?
    Because it's cooler. Really, no bullshit. Don't let guys who destroyed their brains by taking too many steroids talk you into it. Instead, look around in nature. If only meat made meat, elephants, oxen, gorillas, even dinosaurs would just be leeks. But that's not the case! At KRAFTFUTTER you get your proteins from many different sources, which ensures an optimal amino acid balance. You also get lots of minerals, fiber and vitamins for free for a healthy and pain-free workout. That's how natural bodybuilding works. And the BEST thing - and we know these sayings are annoying, but they are true - is that by using KRAFTFUTTER you are not intentionally killing or torturing any animals! This means you are doing your bit to make this world a healthier place. You can be proud of that. We are!
  • Clean as f*** - Always stay clean!
    In our CONCENTRATE FEED you will not find any artificial additives, no E's or any other chemical nonsense. Mother Nature's table of gifts is richly laid and we make use of it. Because here we find everything that is necessary for healthy muscle building: the finest proteins, minerals, fiber and vitamins. It is also important to us to keep the list of ingredients as short as possible. We only use what is really important for building muscle or for our incomparable taste in our KRAFTFÜTER. NOTHING ELSE!
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